Sailing Reports
 25th June 2011- Louis W Triay Challenge Cup - Qualifiers
Viking, Louis W Triay, Louis B Triay and Tom

 V1, VIKING - Louis W Triay himself at the helm. (Photo courtesy of Hoks)

 The Louis W. Triay Challenge Cup qualifier was sailed last Saturday afternoon.

The first six boats in this race would qualify for the finals next week – a series of one on one match races where each boat sails against the others in a series of flights to establish the 2011 match racing champion.

The race also doubled up as the Brinton I (sponsored by Marks & Spencer) which had been postponed earlier this season through lack of wind.  The position here was that Hamish Risso in Fencer had all but won the series with only Charlie Stagnetto in Niña being able to win the series if he came 1st.


The race was sailed in a stiff Easterly breeze and given that one race (rather than two) was scheduled for the afternoon, the race was slightly longer than normal with three laps of the usual Easterly course instead of two.

Louis Triay Snr in Viking, Andrew Alcantara in Zoe and Nick Cruz in Fairdawn had the better starts and rounded the first windward mark in that order but with Micko Capurro in Andromeda, Hamish Risso in Fencer, Charlie Lavarello in Flash and Charlie Stagnetto in Niña not far behind.  During the first downwind leg Louis was able to avoid the blanketing of the chasing fleet and pulled away to reach the leeward mark with a good five boat length lead from the chasing pack Nick rounded in 2nd place, Andrew in 3rd, Hamish in 4th Charlie Lavarello in 5th, Micko in 6th and Charlie Stagnetto in 7th.  One of these boats would not qualify for the Louis W. Triay Challenge finals as only the first six would qualify.  Louis maintained his lead at the front of the fleet and there was a continual swapping of places amongst the 6 boats behind.  Nick rounded the next mark in 2nd place just ahead of Charlie Lavarello who had been able to overtake Hamish and Andrew during the course of the first long windward leg from the RAF marker buoy to the windward mark off Western Beach.  Hamish, Micko and Charlie Stagnetto followed close behind with Andrew Alcantara now falling into the dreaded 7th position which would keep him out from qualifying for the finals.

Nick Cruz encountered a problem whilst raising the spinnaker on the following downwind leg and this allowed Charlie Lavarello to overtake him and place himself in 2nd place with Louis Triay in his sights.  Meanwhile the chasing pack continued to swap positions.  Charlie Stagnetto getting the better of Micko and Hamish but in doing so became involved in a port and starboard incident with Hamish in Fencer who has submitted a protest which if successful could mean that Charlie Stagnetto would be disqualified from the race and therefore fail to qualify for the finals next week.  The protest hearing will be heard during the course of this week, prior to the finals next Saturday.

During the last upwind leg to the finish Charlie Lavarello had chased the lead that Louis Triay Snr had established from the very beginning of the race and some splitting of tacks ensued in the last couple of hundred metres to the finish.  It was clear that Louis had no intention of slipping up at this late stage of the race especially after sailing a near perfect race and having led from the start to the finish.

Louis covered each and every tack that Charlie Lavarello completed in an attempt to overtake the leader and was a deserved winner of the race.

Louis therefore finished in 1st place just ahead of Charlie Lavarello.

Nick Cruz finished in 3rd, Charlie Stagnetto in 4th, Hamish Risso in 5th and Andrew Alcantara was able to overtake Micko Capurro in the last beat to the finish to take the last slot of the qualifying boats.

Given that Charlie Stagnetto was unable to pick up a first place position which is what was needed to steal the Brinton Cup from Hamish Risso, Hamish became the series winner and takes the cup with two 1sts and a 3rd Charlie Lavarello with his 2nd place that afternoon won the runner-up cup for this series.

As for the Louis Triay Challenge finals to be sailed next week we will have to wait for the outcome of the protest hearing between Hamish and Charlie Stagnetto to see whether Charlie Stagnetto or Micko Capurro qualify.  If Charlie Stagnetto loses the protest and is disqualified Micko who came in 7th place would move up a position and Charlie Stagnetto would fail to qualify for the finals.

18th June 2011- Jubilee Cup & Brinton Cup


The fourth races of the Jubilee series (sponsored by Beck’s Beer) and the Brinton series (sponsored by Marks & Spencer) were raced by eleven Victories last Saturday in the Bay of Gibraltar in variable conditions. The first race of the day was the Jubilee 4 race and since there was a Southerly breeze blowing a course was set between a buoy off the airfield and another inside the harbour near the southern end of the detached mole. 

About a minute before the start there was a substantial shift in the wind from South to South East catching a number of the competitors by surprise, including Hamish Risso in Fencer who was not able to make the starting line.

Charlie Stagnetto in Niña, Nick Cruz in Fairdawn and Micko Capurro in Andromeda got the best starts at the buoy end of the line whilst Hamish, who had ended up in last place after missing the starting line, and Charlie Lavarello who also got a bad start both tacked off towards the west in an attempt to make some ground on the leaders.  This move by Charlie and Hamish paid off and when they met up with the rest of the fleet they found that they were amongst the three leading boats and ahead of the remainder of the fleet.

As the boats tacked down the length of the North Mole, Charlie Stagnetto opened up a comfortable lead on the rest of the fleet leaving Charlie Lavarello, Micko and Hamish to battle it out for second place. Towards the end of the North Mole, Hamish caught both Charlie Lavarello and Micko on starboard to establish himself in second position and also inflict a penalty on Micko.

As the boats entered the harbour, Charlie Stagnetto’s lead grew with Hamish maintaining his second place and Charlie Lavarello in third ahead of Micko who then lost a couple of places whilst doing his penalty turns.

Charlie Stagnetto arrived at the windward mark with a substantial advantage over Hamish in second place and he was able to increase this lead during the subsequent run whilst Charlie Lavarello in third place managed to reduce Hamish’s lead to a single boat length.  As they arrived at the leeward mark Charlie Lavarello managed to round the buoy better than Hamish and get to windward of him, but unfortunately for Charlie this advantage was short lived and Hamish was able to reopen a lead of a few boat lengths during the subsequent beat.

Charlie Stagnetto kept increasing his lead as the race went on and managed to win the race comfortably from Hamish who came second and Charlie Lavarello in third.  Further back Andrew Alcantara in Zoe, who had raced a good race and towards the end of the race threatened to overtake Charlie Lavarello, finished in fourth place and Micko finished in fifth place.

These results meant that Charlie Stagnetto and his crew of Michele Stagnetto and Andrew Tucker in Niña won the Jubilee series with Hamish Risso with his crew of Zoe Risso and Joey Imossi in Fencer were the series runners up.

The second race of the day was the fourth race of the Brinton series and although it was originally planned to be raced on the same course as the previous race, a massive change in wind direction to Westerly just before the start caused a postponement of the start and a change of course more suitable to the new wind direction.

When the race restarted Hamish Risso and Nick Cruz managed to get the best starts and they both tacked off early towards the Refinery with the rest of the fleet in close pursuit. These two boats managed to open up a comfortable lead on the rest of the fleet although an error by Hamish and some good decision making by Nick and Micko, put Nick in first place ahead of Micko in second and Hamish in third. As the boats travelled west towards the RAF marker buoy, the wind started to die out and the fleet started to spread out as a result of the variable conditions.

As the wind became less predictable and with the tide causing considerable problems for all the boats, Nick and Hamish swapped positions several times at the head of the race whilst Charlie Stagnetto managed to close the gap on both of them to place himself firmly in third place ahead of Micko, Charlie Lavarello and Louis Triay Snr.

Just when it looked like it was going to be impossible to get round the mark due to the light winds and strong tide, the westerly wind stiffened and Hamish found himself in the right place at the right time to take advantage and round the mark in first place and with a considerable lead over Charlie Stagnetto,  Nick Cruz, Charlie Lavarello and Louis Triay.

In the following run, Hamish maintained his lead on the fleet whilst Charlie Stagnetto managed to head off the challenge from Nick to remain in second place.  As the boats approached the end of the run the wind changed back to a southerly breeze making the race a “follow the leader” and making overtaking almost impossible.

Due to the light winds and the length of time that it had taken to complete the first leg of the course, the Race Officer, Alex Lugnani made a good call in deciding to shorten the length of the race by finishing a round earlier than had originally been planned which meant that Hamish was able to finish the race in first position, with Charlie Stagnetto in second place, Nick Cruz in third Charlie Lavarello fourth and Louis Triay Snr. fifth.

This means that Hamish is leading the Brinton Series with one race to go and that only he or Charlie Stagnetto can win this series. Charlie needs a win in the final race and for Hamish not to come second to win his second series of the season and deny Hamish his first series win in a couple of years.

The final race of this series (which was postponed from the first weekend of racing due to a lack of wind) will be next Saturday and this will also count as the qualifier for the Louis Triay Challenge.

The top 6 boats will qualify for the finals of the Louis Triay Challenge and then go head to head against each other in a series of “mano a mano” races to decide the winner of this prestigious trophy.

The Kings Cup is currently being led by Hamish Risso from Charlie Stagnetto with Charlie Lavarello and Micko Capurro close behind.

Jubilee 4

1.      Charlie Stagnetto in Niña – Crew Michele Stagnetto and Andrew Tucker

2.      Hamish Risso in Fencer - Crew Zoe Risso & Joey Imossi 

3.      Charlie Lavarello in Flash - Crew Patrick Capurro

Brinton 4

1.      Hamish Risso in Fencer - Crew Zoe Risso & Joey Imossi

2.      Charlie Stagnetto in Niña – Crew Michele Stagnetto and Andrew Tucker

3.      Nick Cruz in Fairdawn - Crew Tim Grisby and John Smith

4th June 2011- Jubilee Cup & Brinton Cup

The third race of the Jubilee Cup series (sponsored by Beck’s Beer) was the first of two races sailed last Saturday 4th June 2011 in a fresh Easterly breeze.

Eleven Victories took to the start and Charlie Stagnetto in Niña was quickest off the mark with Hamish Risso in Fencer and Charlie Lavarello in Flash rounding the windward mark in 2nd and 3rd position respectively and not far behind of Charlie Stagnetto.

Hamish sailed a good downwind leg and narrowed the lead that Charlie Stagnetto had established during the first upwind leg and then proceeded to mount a challenge for the lead on the next upwind leg.  Positions changed amongst these three leading boats during the course of the second upwind leg. Meanwhile a battle ensued behind between Louis Triay Snr in Viking, Nick Cruz in Fairdawn and Micko Capurro in Andromeda although none of these were ever able to threaten an attack on the first three leading boats who by now had distanced themselves significantly from the chasing fleet.

Charlie Stagnetto who had lost his lead momentarily was able to re-establish it just before the rounding of the windward mark but Charlie Lavarello and Hamish Risso who rounded the mark in that order and only a couple of boat lengths behind Charlie Stagnetto were still very much in the race and with still another downwind leg and the short upwind leg to the finish, any of these 3 boats could still take line honours.

Hamish Risso was able to overtake Charlie Lavarello just before the last rounding of the leeward mark by establishing an inside overlap at the mark and rounding just behind Charlie Stagnetto.  In the last beat to the finish Hamish mounted yet a further attack and with some clever tacking with the shifts soon found himself not only overtaking Charlie Stagnetto but creating an advantage of some 3 to 4 boat lengths this being sufficient for him to retain the lead and take line honours for the first time this season.  Charlie Lavarello in the meantime took advantage of the tacking duel ahead and was able to overtake Charlie Stagnetto just before the finish to take 2nd position with Charlie Stagnetto immediately behind in 3rd. Micko Capurro crossed the line in 4th position and Louis Triay Snr in 5th.

These result means that 4 boats are still very much in contention to win the Jubilee Cup where the best three results of the four races sailed are taken account of to establish the winner.  Of the 3 races in this series so far sailed Micko Capurro has a 1st, a 3rd and a 4th, Charlie Stagnetto has two 2nds and a 3rd, Hamish Risso has a 1st, a 3rd and a 7th and Charlie Lavarello has a 1st, a 2nd and a 4th.  After discarding the worst result any of these boats could with a win on the fourth and final race of the series win the cup.

The second race of the afternoon was sailed immediately after the first race had finished.  This was the second of the Brinton Cup series (sponsored by Marks & Spencer). A tight start and some close quarter sailing resulted in an upwind leg full of incidents with Micko Capurro, Louis Triay Snr and Hamish Risso all having to take penalty turns as a result of rule infringements in relation to three separate incidents during the first upwind leg.  Meanwhile Charlie Lavarello in Flash, Charlie Stagnetto in Niña, Edgar Lavarello in Waterwitch and Andrew Alcantara in Zoe capitalised and rounded the first windward mark in that order ahead of the chasing fleet.  Unfortunately for Andrew Alcantara gear failure forced him to retire from the race early.

Charlie Lavarello was able to establish a sizeable lead but one that was quickly extinguished on the next upwind leg when Charlie Stagnetto made better use of the South Easterly shifts and soon overtook Charlie Lavarello who was also overtaken at the end of the penultimate windward leg by Hamish Risso who after having completed some penalty turns in the previous upwind leg sailed quite an incredible 2nd beat to place him within striking distance from Charlie Stagnetto who had only just been able to establish the lead. 

Meanwhile behind an extremely exciting race was developing.  Edgar Lavarello in Waterwitch was sailing a good race but Louis Triay Snr and Micko Capurro (both of whom had also completed some penalty turns on the previous upwind leg) had made significant inroads on the leading pack and were now close enough to mount a challenge.  The last upwind leg to the finish was an exciting one.  Hamish Risso for the second time that afternoon getting the better of Charlie Stagnetto and Charlie Lavarello to take line honours yet again and this time doing it in style after having overtaken most of the fleet following the penalty turns on the first leg of the race.

Charlie Stagnetto was however able to defend his 2nd position and finished ahead of Charlie Lavarello in 3rd with Louis Triay Snr and Micko Capurro finishing just behind in 4th and 5th places respectively.