J80 Racing 

in 2016 we will be competing in the world championships. Interested  in this elite level type of Racing?

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 Sailing Results 2015

Kings Cup : Nemesis (Charles Lavarello)

Rogers Cup : Temptress (Monty Spindler)

Jubilee Cup : Temptress (Monty Spindler)

Godley Cup : Nemesis (Charles Lavarello)

Brinton Cup: Temptress (Monty Spindler)

Tyrwhitt Cup: Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Patron Cup: Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Garnon‐Williams Cup: Andromeda (Micko Sheppard‐Capurro)

Forrestair Walker Cup : Temptress (Monty Spindler)

A.A.R.A. Cup : Andromeda (Micko Sheppard‐Capurro)

Ocean Race Cup : Nemesis (Charles Lavarello)

Joseph H Imossi Cup: Zoe (Andrew Alcantara)

Charles Cruz Cup : Charles Lavarello (most wins)

Louis W. Triay Challenge Cup: Nemesis (Charles Lavarello)

Lipton Cup: Nemesis (Charles Lavarello)

Wooden Spoon: Alitea (Dennis Sciacaluga)

HMS Calpe Shield: Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Fifth Fusiliers Cup : Fencer (Hamish Risso)

Regatta Week

Cochrane Trophy : Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Runner Up : Viking (Louis Triay)

Carrara Trophy: Andromeda (Micko Sheppard‐Capurro)

Runner Up : Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Thompson Cup : Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Runner Up : Fencer (Hamish Risso)

Rover Trophy : Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Runner Up : Andromeda (Micko Sheppard‐Capurro)

Colville Cup : Fairdawn (Charlie Stagnetto)

Louis Stagnetto Cup : Andromeda (Micko Sheppard‐Capurro)

Cochrane Crew’s Cup : Tom Hillman (Viking)

Runner Up: Adam Alcantara (Zoe)

Crutchley Cup (Under 30’s) : Keith Payas (Emendek)

Runner Up: Adam Alcantara (Zoe)

San Sebastian Cup : Hamish Risso (Fencer)

Runner Up : Nemesis (Charles Lavarello)

Paul Mifsud Cup : Andromeda (Micko Sheppard‐Capurro)

Runner Up : Fencer (Hamish Risso)



The club is always looking for sailors to crew in our racing. If anyone is interested please email rgyc@gibraltar.gi 

If you would like to learn how to sail  please email rgycsailingschool@gmail.com

Bart's Bash  2015

19 boats with 31 sailors took part in this event. Two Platu keel boats, one Victory, plus Picos and Lasers joined in the fun and £310 was collected for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. A slide show, video footage and a small gallery of photos of this event are shown below.

Video footage of Victory Racing in the 1980s

Interclub del Estrecho

Crusier racing

the season continues with  a race in   La Linea on the 17th October and the last one of the season is at Estepona on the 14th November.

Fancy joining in this type of racing?

 Sailing School 2015

The club has employed a full time sailing instructor who is working Wednesdays to Sundays. To arrange for sailing lessons please email

Miguel Galiano on sailingschoolatrgyc@gmail.com

Look at all the boats behind us!

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